Trustee Assessment of Your Pension Scheme

The Trustee believes that good governance is key to ensuring that The Aon MasterTrust delivers good value and good outcomes for members.

The Trustee prepares an annual governance statement, called the "Chair's statement", which reports on these and other aspects of the Scheme over the course of each year. The full Chair's statement is audited and included in the annual Trustee's Report and Accounts, which is available to members on request.

Key information from that full statement is shown in the table below, together with a statement setting out The Aon MasterTrust’s investment governance framework.

Statement of Investment Principles
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Schedule to Statement of Investment Principles for each Section
Each Section has its own Schedule to the Statement of Investment Principles, which are available on the Section-specific information page.
Default investment
The default investment for each Section is shown on the Section-specific information page.
Implementation Statement
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Charges and transaction costs applicable
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Illustrative example of costs and charges
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Extract from the Chair’s Statement covering review of the default investment
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